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Gillian is an International Spiritualist Medium, Writer and Meditation teacher of many years standing.  She has worked in Spain on a regular basis as well as in the States and France.

She’s a familiar face in many Spiritualist Churches in the South of England and has a background in psychology and teaching which serves her in good stead in her chosen work.

.She offers:-

·        one to one sessions to connect you to your loved ones who have passed

·        life’s path sessions when you are at a cross roads in your life (channelled through Gillian’s Guide)

·        angel card readings

·        in-depth personal growth and spiritual growth session

·        meditation group

·        workshops


1.       Readings are available at Gillian’s home in Hemel Hempstead

2.       Phone

3.       Skype

4.       Parties


To book an appointment:Mexicanhat87@hotmail.com or phone 01442 246407  

Gillian Holland MSc Tel: 01442 246407           email: information@gillianholland.co.uk

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